29/03/2015 - Tweetinvi is now released to make your life nice and easy :)

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About Tweetinvi

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Twitter C#

Tweetinvi an intuitive C# library for Twitter

Tweetinvi is an intuitive .NET C# library that provides an easy and intuitive access to the Twitter REST and STREAM API 1.1.
Beyond the classical data access it provide many helpers classes that you will use across your projects.

Tweetinvi has been developed so that each of the object have a context. The API provides 3 different classes for Twitter Users, Tweets, Messages that will allow you to perform any query in a single method call.

Streaminvi is the Tweetinvi solution to easily access the Twitter Stream API.
Use our easy to access Stream classes.
- SimpleStream : extract all the data provided by Twitter
- FilteredStream : extract specific data from Twitter

Like some universities' research programs join us and use Tweetinvi Streaming API to extract millions of Tweets per day! The streaming API has now been used for more than a year and keep delivering all the potential of Twitter Stream API.

We hope you enjoy our API.
The Tweetinvi Team.

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