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Apr 21, 2015 at 8:58 PM
Edited Apr 21, 2015 at 8:59 PM
dear linvi,

I am now focusing on retweets of tweets sent by people in my long list. I have already a list of tweets with all data i could have using
                        tl = user2.GetUserTimeline(p).ToList();
(i.e. i have TweetId, ScreenName, text, N° of RT....)

I want now to have a full ist of IDs of the retweeters and it is extremely important to have the order in which tweets have been RTed (e.g. if user A has RT tweet x before user B). I just need the IDs and the order, not the exact time or any other info.

I have been trying to use something like
                Tweetinvi.TwitterCredentials.ExecuteOperationWithCredentials(cred, () =>

                    long twit = //ID of one TW in my SQL DS//

                        var reets= Tweetinvi.Tweet.GetRetweets(twit);
                        var reet = reets.ToList();

                        var cont = 1;
                        foreach (var rtw in reet)
                            var rtwid = rtw.Creator.Id;

                            var ca2 = rtw.CreatedAt.ToString();

                            CheckIfUserExistsFo(rtwid, logger);

                            //save in SQL my list//
                            cont = cont + 1;

                        //set that tweet as processed and step to the next one//

However, this query returns only the last 20 retweets. I have seen from previous discussions that the matter of RTs is quite painful, but I wonder if you could help me finding a way to make a cursored query to get "the next 20 RTs" or, even better, if you could suggest me a function that does not "call" the retweet as a new tweet, with the 20 per query limit (i do not need it, i am just cool with having the ordered list of IDs or retweetters). I cannot find any solution in the documentation. Sorry to bother you :)

I thank you in advance,
best regards,
Apr 21, 2015 at 9:43 PM
This is something I'm interested on as well , assume i have one tweet with 2000 retweets and i want get all the RT ids ,
as far as i know you can use GET statuses/retweeters/ids it returns a cursor , however i have seen something done with Objective-C library for something like "followers" ids

the rate limit is not really an issue, you can deal with it, see the getFollowers example

I wonder if this can be done with tweetinvi as well ?