Tweetinvi 0.9.7.x

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Released: Apr 27, 2015
Updated: Jun 14, 2015 by linvi
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Release Notes

Tweetinvi Update

Quick Overview

Account Settings

Tweetinvi is now allowing the developers to get or set the settings of a logged user.

// Get Settings
var settings = Account.GetCurrentAccountSettings();

// Update Settings
var updatedSettingsRequestParameter = Account.CreateUpdateAccountSettingsRequestParameters(settings);
updatedSettingsRequestParameter.SleepTimeEnabled = false;

var updatedSettings = Account.UpdateAccountSettings(updatedSettingsRequestParameter);


In Tweetinvi 0.9.7.x the major update was the complete implementation of the Friendship API.
As part of this enhancement I moved some features from the static User class into the Account and Friendship static classes.

Also the new properties implemented by twitter for relationships have been added in Tweetinvi.

// List users who wants to follow your current accountSettings
var friendshipRequests = Account.GetUsersRequestingFriendship();

// List users you want to follow
var usersYouWantToFollow = Account.GetUsersYouRequestedToFollow();

// Update relationship authorizations with user
Account.UpdateRelationshipAuthorizationsWith("tweetinviapi", enableRetweets, enableNotificationsOnDevices);

// Get Relationship Details
var relationshipDetails = Friendship.GetRelationshipDetailsBetween("tweetinviapi", "twitterapi");

// Get users who have their retweets muted

Moved Functions

  • GetMutedUserIds
  • MuteUser
  • UnMuteUser

User Search

It is now possible to search for users with Tweetinvi!

var users = Search.SearchUsers("linvi", 100);

UserStream Update

In order to add a missing of the UserStream class, Tweetinvi is now handling the AccessRevoked message. This message is sent by Twitter when the Token used by the stream to connect to Twitter is revoked. This message is usually followed by a disconnect message.

var us = Stream.CreateUserStream();
us.AccessRevoked += (sender, args) =>
    Console.WriteLine("Application {0} had its access revoked!", args.Info.ApplicationName);

Tweet Entities

Tweet Entities have been improved. Instead of returning either the Extended Entities or Legacy Entities we Tweetinvi is now aggregating the information of both and returns this as single object.


All the public Mute functions have now been implemented in Tweetinvi. They are accessible from the Account static class.

// Get Mute
var mutedUsers = Account.GetMutedUsers();

// Create Mute

// Delete Mute

MultiThreading Performances

Version 0.9.7.x improved the global performances of WebRequests for highly multi threaded applications.

Signed DLLs and Windows Store Apps

Tweetinvi is now a signed library. Therefore you will be able to use Tweetinvi in your Windows Store Application and deploy it to the store right away.

Bug Fixes

  • HttpClient WebRequests TaskCancelledException is now correctly Handled
  • HttpClient is now handling exception status code as exception.
  • Fixed a "major" bug that could result in static classes to be instantiated twice in an application life cycle.

Mono and Xamarin

Tweetinvi is now working with Xamarin to ensure that you can write any Twitter application in C# on Mono. Tweetinvi will be released in the future in the Xamarin Store.

Special Thanks

  • To JKeegan for his great help and time identifying major issues.
  • To KeesCBakker for reporting TwitterEntities bugs.

Reviews for this release

Amazing! Simple to use. The best Twitter .Net lib
by Gravitcapa on Jun 1, 2015 at 9:24 PM
Excellent library!
by herchugm on Apr 28, 2015 at 7:39 PM