More then 200 tweets in a timeline

Aug 4, 2014 at 2:22 AM
Edited Aug 4, 2014 at 4:39 AM
Trying to figure out how to retrieve more then 200 tweets from a users timeline,

I've tried such ways as:
var timelineParameter = Timeline.CreateUserTimelineRequestParameter(ssUid);
                                    timelineParameter.ExcludeReplies = true;
                                    timelineParameter.MaximumNumberOfTweetsToRetrieve = 1000;
var tweets = user.GetUserTimeline(timelineParameter);
Timeline.GetUserTimeline(User, 3200)
But only get 200 results, I've tried to pull the JSON directly, which I'm not sure how many are being returned as I can't figure out a way to convert the JSON back into a ITWEET list.

Any help would be appreciated, Ideally I'd want to be able to pull a entire timeline or later on just tweets after a certain date (IE: if never checked the entire (3200 max) timeline, otherwise all tweets after a certain date).

Thanks in advance

It's not pretty but it looks like the following code is working:
int page = 0;
const int maxId = 3200;
string query = String.Format("{0}&count={1}&page={2}", userid, maxId, page);
string result = TwitterAccessor.ExecuteJsonGETQuery(query);
IJsonObjectConverter searchQueryHelper = TweetinviContainer.Resolve<IJsonObjectConverter>(); 
List<ITweetDTO> tweetDTOs = searchQueryHelper.DeserializeObject<List<ITweetDTO>>(result); 
IEnumerable<ITweet> tweets = Tweet.TweetFactory.GenerateTweetsFromDTO(tweetDTOs);
for( int y = 1; y < 16; y++)
   query = String.Format("{0}&count={1}&page={2}", userid, maxId, y);
   result = TwitterAccessor.ExecuteJsonGETQuery(query);
   searchQueryHelper = TweetinviContainer.Resolve<IJsonObjectConverter>(); 
   tweetDTOs = searchQueryHelper.DeserializeObject<List<ITweetDTO>>(result); 
   IEnumerable<ITweet> tweeters = Tweet.TweetFactory.GenerateTweetsFromDTO(tweetDTOs);
   tweets = tweets.Union(tweeters);
return tweets;
Dec 27, 2014 at 7:24 PM
Thanks for sharing your solution. Seems like it retrieves only the authenticated user tweets. (my account) even ig I give it other user ids. looking for some way to do it on other accounts (e.g bloomberg, cnn).