beginner help please

Feb 8, 2015 at 6:07 PM
i am sorry for the "spoon-feeding" request, but I am completely bamboozled with this. i have no idea where to begin.

i have a webforms website - i want a user to authorise my site to tweet for them, and to send tweets once they have done so.

can someone help me in a baby-step way to do this.

i provide a "link your account" button (i am not providing a login with twitter function)... so when my user clicks that, what should happen?
my vague understanding would be:
  1. i direct them to a twitter URL, but what is the URL?
    2: that URL asks them to either login to twitter and authorise my app, or just authorise if they're already logged in
    3:twitter should redirect to my site - but do they give me any information for the user, do i need to store this anywhere so I can post for the user in future?
i have looked at the cheatsheet.cs but it literally baffles me - where do i set my key/secret to send to twitter? where do i specify the urls? where (if anywhere) do i receive the info back from twitter?

is anybody aware of a genuine beginners, "do this, do this, then do this" style tutorial? i am a genuine beginner and everything i have seen assumes much more knowledge than i have, just throwing out code but not giving context of when or how it should be used.