75K cap in getFollowers

Mar 8, 2015 at 8:17 PM
Edited Mar 8, 2015 at 8:17 PM
Dear Linvi,
Let me first thank you for your great job here, I hope you could help me in understanding some features I am having problems with.

A problem I am experiencing is with the cursored query to retrieve long lists of followers. This works just fine for all users with less than 65K followers, but for those above it caps the number of retrieved followers to 65K or 70K. This is extremely bizarre, but I cannot find a way out.
var followerQuery = String.Format("https://api.twitter.com/1.1/followers/ids.json?user_id={0}", myPolitician.Id);
var results = Tweetinvi.TwitterAccessor.ExecuteCursorGETCursorQueryResult<IIdsCursorQueryResultDTO>(followerQuery);
var followerIds = results.SelectMany(x => x.Ids);
(Btw the debuff I am using is the same as the previous thread i have opened)
private static void DebuffNoLog()
     TweetinviEvents.QueryBeforeExecute += (sender, args) =>
          string msgDebuff;

          var queryRateLimit = RateLimit.GetQueryRateLimit(args.Query);
          if (queryRateLimit != null)
            if (queryRateLimit.ResetDateTimeInSeconds > 0)
                msgDebuff = string.Format("Debuff! restart in {0} seconds at {1}; limit: {2}", queryRateLimit.ResetDateTimeInSeconds, queryRateLimit.ResetDateTime.ToShortTimeString(), queryRateLimit.Limit);

after this my procedure sets the user as treated and saves the data on sql.
I wonder if it could be enough not to set the user as treated and let the loop go for as many times as needed (i only have 40 users with 70K+ followers) or that would be useless as I would start again a new cursored query.
I am using VariantKey, can this be a problem?

I hope you will have the time to take a look at it and help me,
in any case, thank you again for your precious work.