[ADMIN] Limited support between the 13/08 to the 26/08

Aug 10, 2015 at 11:59 PM

I am taking some time off for the summer holidays. During this time I won't be able to fix any bug (critical or minor), provide any help or advice. I will try to take a look to the page as soon as I will have an internet connection. In meantime please consider the following schedule:

  • 13/08 to 21/08 : Probably no internet connection at all - if you encounter a critical bug please rollback to version available on nuget and codeplex.
  • 21/08 to 26/08 : Very limited internet access - I will probably be able to have a look on the isses if any and help you. Help will be provided only for critical bugs.
Please do no be shy to post any issue, suggestion... I will review all of them when I get back.