TweetInvi to 0.9.10 credentials and other...

Jan 19, 2016 at 11:36 AM
Hi everybody,
I meet some issue since few days with my twitter app using an old tweetinvi version (
my app with this tweetinvi version worked like a charm since yesterday.
Did Twitter made some changes on OAuth ?
With TweetInvi, i've no error in the code (see below), but the qTweets is empty !?
So, i upgrade to 0.9.10 and my VB code not match with the new TweetInvi version.
errors on TwitterCredentials, Search.GenerateSearchTweetParameter, Core.Interfaces.Models.Parameters...
Following my code :
 Public Sub oauth_credential()
        TwitterCredentials.SetCredentials(token, token_secret, consumer_key, consumer_secret)
    End Sub

    Private Sub ProcessTweets_RequestLoad()
        Dim SearchParams = Search.GenerateSearchTweetParameter(TwitterRschRequest)
        If TwittorIsRunning Then
            SearchParams.MaximumNumberOfResults = 50
            SearchParams.MaximumNumberOfResults = 120
            TwittorIsRunning = True
        End If
        SearchParams.TweetSearchFilter = Core.Interfaces.Models.Parameters.TweetSearchFilter.All
        'Dim FinaleRsch As List(Of clTweetsList) = Nothing
            Dim tweets = Search.SearchTweets(SearchParams)
            ' linq
            Dim qTweets = From rsch In tweets Order By rsch.CreatedAt Descending _
                   Where rsch.IsRetweet = False _
                   Select New clTweetsList() With _
                              .Tw_Id = rsch.IdStr,
                              .Creator_Id = rsch.Creator.IdStr,
                              .Creator_SceenName = rsch.Creator.ScreenName,
                              .Creator_Image = rsch.Creator.ProfileImageUrl,
                              .Tw_Message = rsch.Text,
                              .Tw_CreateDate = rsch.CreatedAt
            FinaleRsch = qTweets.ToList
        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox("error (ProcessTweets_RequestLoad = " & FinaleRsch.Count & ") : " & ex.Message)
            Exit Sub
        End Try
End Sub
Some ideas ?

Jan 21, 2016 at 1:10 PM

Please note that Tweetinvi has evolved a lot since release
Tweetinvi has migrated on Github and you can find the documentation at

That said please note the following :
  • TwitterCredentials has been changed to Auth.
  • Search.GenerateSearchTweetParameter("query") has been changed to new TweetSearchParameters("query")
When I introduce breaking changes I think about it more than 1 time and weight the positive and negative effects for the developers. In these cases the changes bring more flexibility, simplicity and clarity.