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Create an application

Every application that require to access Twitter needs to be registered on your developer account.


If you do not have an account go on and login.

When connected go to or access it through "My applications" as displayed below.





This page lists all the applications related with a developer account.

You can now create your application by clicking “Create a new application” or simply by accessing .




3 fields are required to create an application.




Accept the general conditions, enter the captcha and click "Create your twitter application".




You should now have information related with you Twitter application.



Get application information




The important information to remember are the Consumer key and the Consumer secret. They identify your application and will allow users to access . In Tweetinvi, they will be used to generate a Token.


Whilst these 2 credential information are the unique information you need to start using the application we will go further in the application configuration.



Get a user access credentials


Depending on the information you need to retrieve you'll probably need to create an Access Token. An access token is composed of 2 information that allow a specific user to access to a specific application.


Twitter provide a simple way to create credentials for you own application.

At the bottom of the pages displayed above click the button "Create my access token".



This will generate your access token and refresh the page which will now show more information.




The Access token and the Access token secret are two information that will be required to get the user (yourself in this case) connected to the Twitter service. These information will also be used to generate the Token.


The Access level defines what type of action we can operate on Twitter with this Access Token.


Info : Another solution would be to use the TokenCreator class from Tweetinvi that allows to create a Token directly from the API.



Define the Access Level

Even if the read-only access level can be sufficient for  some application you might want your application to perform more tasks and actually do something on the user account.


Go to settings in the TabControl of your application.




In this page you can specify the permissions that you requires for your application.




You can finally apply your changes.



You now have set your application and are ready to provide the consumer credentials to your application so that it can be used by anyone!

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